Steve Grossman


Information in the information age

Perfect advice for a transformation period

“This is the perfect storm to redesign your organization and bring their clarification to drive recommitment to the organization’s values and purpose. No one will do this when the market is hot and every CEO looks like a mini Jack Welch. This requires a lot of passion, foresight, time and energy, but not much money (usually with a little help from outside consultants). And it will yield substantial returns and provide sustain the organization through difficult times, and even more when the economy rebounds.”

In My Advise to Executives – Use the Next Six Months to Invest in Innovative Capacity and Strategic Agility. Think Spitfire. – Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog, Idris Mootee offers timely advice to anyone in business.

I only have one small disagreement: It’s not the economy.

It’s the transformation to the information age.


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