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TBE and Making Cars

Over two years ago, I was part of “The Business Experiment”, aka: TBE, an online community assembled to design and launch a business. It was an experiment written about here and one that I wish I had had more time to participate in.

One of the first steps we were led to do, I’ll add expertly led by Rob May, was suggest business concepts to pursue. I don’t think I suggested it, but I was an advocate of building a car. No really. It’s been on my mind for sometime that automotive manufacturing will soon go the way of…well, go the way of this quote from a post by Seth Godin:

“One day soon there will be car companies that have 200 employees.”

He’s right. It is an industry ripe for massive, disruptive change. And it’s coming. Read more here.

I should have pushed harder.


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