Steve Grossman


Information in the information age

My online strategy

At first glance, I may seem crazy and disorganized to have such a large presence online. Here’s where you’ll find me:

Yahoo mail
Google mail
Yahoo wordpress
Blog Catalog

That’s an incomplete list and I have many more I’d like to sign-up with. But no I’m not crazy, I have a strategy.

First, this is the beginning of something big.
The list above is a set of visable manifestations of society’s move from the
industrial age to the information age. This is not about Facebook vs. MySpace, this is about the latest 400+ year cycle of global socio-economic change.

Second, I don’t want to sit it out.
This is the dawn of the information age. I’m alive today. I believe there’s a
reason for that “coincidence” and I hope to find out what it is. For now I know
that it’s writing this blog, being actively involved online and tossing around
ideas that will help lead to this:

Third, it will all come together one day.
I see a day coming when that long list of websites, concepts, tools, ideas and
gimmicks will come together. When everyone will have an online “hub” from which all their digital interactions flow out and where all incoming messages are received.

If you find that idea overwhelming, I agree. But realize that this is based on
today’s experiences. Namely, having to sign-up at a long list of websites,
concepts, tools, ideas and gimmicks to get an awkward, barely working version of what I just described. But that won’t always be the case.

I can’t wait.


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