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Me + Vision = Future Part 1

So in my last post I spoke about my online presence – complicated – and my belief that I don’t want to sit out on something this big and “it will all come together one day.”

In the early days of the automobile industry, there were thousands of manufactures.

It reminds me of today.

At this moment in the dawn of the information age, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of websites, online tools, technologies and ideas vying for your attention. It is not sustainable. Just like the dawn of the industrial age – 100’s of years before cars, btw – brought tremendous upheaval to the economics, education, politics and society of it’s time. It is happening again before our eyes.

And there’s a lesson to be learned in the story of those thousands of auto companies that eventually became less than 10. A lesson that involves acquisitions, bell curves, adoption rates, consumer tastes, supply and demand, intrigue and a host of other factors. I’ll leave out the intrigue.

The lesson is that we’re about to see mass acquisitions as companies increasingly vie for attention (bell curves and adoption rates). Consumer tastes appear fickle, but look deeper. MySpace was hot, then Facebook, now Twitter. You’d be right if you think the driving factor is consumer tastes, but you’d also be wrong.

Wrong because they actually fit different needs. The driving factor for consumer migration is frustration not boredom.

I used to be on MySpace and I do still have a site. But it is very “arts” oriented as exemplified by their huge music business. It’s flashy and larger than life. It’s also very walled off and didn’t allow me to do certain things I wanted to do.

Facebook is more straightforward in design without a lot of bells and whistles. Additionally, it beat MySpace to more openess. You can bring stuff in and out of it more easily. And that’s improving everyday.

Then there’s twitter, which in my opinion, meets a different need altogether. Where MySpace and Facebook are online photo albums, journals and message boards, twitter is a megaphone. It’s a place to say “hey, check this out” or “hey, I’m over here if you’d like to meet.” It’s interactivity with mobile devices increases this power.

And to top it all off, twitter’s now going after Google’s market.

The truth of the matter is that you and I need a Mybookwittoogle. We need one site that enables a us to live online.

One site.


Life online.

Which is of course no different than the fact that we need a car with oil pan lubrication, headlamps, windshield washers, seat belts, overhead cams, fuel injection, air conditioning and an mp3 player. All inventions of what were at one time completely different companies.

And that’s what we’ll get.

You will one day interact with a screen that will do two things very effectively:
1 – It will deseminate everything you wish to share about yourself to people that are a) people who you want to have the information and b) people who want to have the information. This will happen effortlessly and perfectly for everyone involved.
2 – you will receive the exact information you desire and need from the people that a) are people you’ve selected and b) have produced information that you are interested in (not everything they’ve produced).

This will take a radical shift in technology. A shift from people centric programming to interest centric programming.

More about that in Future Part 2


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