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Where I’m hoping to point

I started this blog because of my deep interest in the birth of the information age and the way it will affect business. I’m not the only one writing about these things of course, but I do offer a unique perspective combined with personal beliefs that empower my goal – that you be motivated to join this economic and societal revolution too. It is a time of great change – and great opportunity. We need you – your ideas, thoughts, passions, dreams.

As I just said though, I’m not the only one writing about the core topic of information and business. Another such writer/speaker is Gerd Leonhard who I first ran across through the blog “Future of Music” because it often pertains to my other blog, Why I Failed.

I say all this because of the post that appeared there on May 10: 8 Key Trends for the Next 5 Years. It’s one of those posts that I wish I had written. It captures much of what I too see coming and yet so much more.
It’s the so much more that’s so important. For instance, in talking about netbook-like devices he says:

“They will be touchscreen, zoom-interface enabled, cloud-computing, speech-controlled, location-aware, mobile-money equipped, socially hyper-networked, always-everywhere-on, HD-camera equipped and possibly project images and audio or even support basic holography”

And about business and marketing:

“UGC or UGDC (user-generated content or user-generated & derived content) may make up to 50% of the global content consumption by 2015. Consumers will be (co)-creators, marketers, sellers and buyers, and come in a hundred variations, from totally passive to totally active. Then, indeed, filtering, culling and curation will be the key to success.”

Please read the whole thing. No matter what you do, there are ramifications to you in this post. Enjoy and dream big.


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