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Information in the information age

Pro Journalists + Reputation + Internet = Newspapers

According to this Wall Street Journal Market Watch post Newspaper web sites attracted 36% of all internet users in June – about 70.3 million unique visitors.

I find this fascinating. Fascinating because on the surface, newspapers are in massive trouble. Readerships are down, revenues are down and the future looks bleak. And there are truths to this perspective. The internet is systematically – organized or not – dismantling the business model of newspapers (and TV news too) and replacing it with an always on news source with up to the second alerts. Example? News of January’s airliner landing on the Hudson was broken on Twitter with a guy and a cell phone.

Yet despite these changes, 36% of the people using the internet are using it to visit Newspaper sites. Oh sure they’re visiting blogs, YouTube, Facebook and all the other stuff, but most have simply moved their reading habits online. Or, the internet has created a whole new audience for newspapers. My guess is it’s a little of both and I think it’s because of professional writing. The fans – old or new – of these sites have found that newspapers are still the best source for in depth reporting.

It reminds me of the music industry. Despite all you hear about the demise of the industry, the reality is that it’s exploding. Sure, CD sales are down, but. Well, so? People are not abandoning music, their abandoning a delivery method – just like with newspapers.

This is all symptomatic of the dawn of the information age. And I find it fascinating and exciting. I hope you do too.


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2 Responses

  1. Mark Johnson says:

    Times move on. Things change. We all have to adapt!

  2. Serving says:

    Content is definitely the number one issue. Internet media is guaranteed to replace network TV and newspaper if some sort of hybrid between the two is not found.

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