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Product + Me = Success for Them So Pay Me

Mashable reports the possibility that iTunes 9 might integrate with Facebook, Twitter, etc. From Apple’s Social Media Strategy = iTunes? “At the heart of the supposed features is the ability to broadcast what you’re listening to…”

They go onto to discuss including short links to the music, movies, tv shows etc and how “that would directly translate to additional revenue for Apple. I couldn’t agree more.

I also think this is the tip of the iceberg as companies create better and better ways to piggyback on our online activities. And why wouldn’t they? At the heart of this trend is the fact that personal recommendations are the biggest factor in consumers decision making. Especially recommendations from friends. At the heart of this potential feature is a recommendation engine powered by you and me!

So where’s our take?

It’s the right question and I suspect we’ll see it answered in the coming years as the “everything’s free” model catches up with reality. There are costs involved in services like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The hype that is driving the free mania will die off and there will be bills to pay – with Advertising being the likely revenue source. But not blind spending like today. The advertising model will only succeed if it’s affective. And I beleive that will mean paying individuals their share too.

Here’s what I mean. As I said here, “We will someday pay for a service that assists us in living our lives and we will do it one of two ways: literally paying or by merging our interests with sponsorship. Sure some will pay, but the majority will be a part of the “influence economy” we’re already seeing develop. Countless studies are showing that the number 1 factor in purchasing decisions is the opinion of a friend. Couple that with the fact that people are excited to include brand support in their personal profiles (Facebook fan pages) and I beleive we’ll soon see personal sponsorship arrangements paying for online services.”

There will come a day when your Social Networking Hub – your online desktop – will be paid for by sponsors you LOVE that pay you to simply be you. And your friends won’t mind the advertising because they will know it reflects you and your tastes. It’s a win/win.

What are your thoughts? Would you pay for a service you love online by allowing a beloved brand to piggyback on your activities?


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