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Manheim + Training = Award

I’m proud to have an opportunity today to brag on my company and several of my associates. Under the guidance and vision of Tabetha Taylor and Tony Ocasio, my company’s training department created an online training module for our 1200 plus vehicle inspectors that work at our locations throughout North America. This module was entered into the Web Marketing Associations annual WebAward Competition and it won the Employment Standard of Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development.

Read about it here.

The website offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience covering the basics of vehicle imaging and inspecting. It’s an important part of the training philosophy that seeks to engage our employees in multiple ways. New hires are invited to participate in the training as a part of their initial onboarding. This provides a foundation on which the local certified trainer (at least one at every location) can build. In addition, members of the National Training team make periodic visits to all locations to conduct specialized training and certification testing.

I’m proud to be a part of a company that is embracing technology as a means to train and engage its workforce. Winning this award makes it all the better. Tabetha and Tony have had the vision for online training for years and I’m thrilled to see their efforts rewarded. My congrats to them, their team and web developers. 


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