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This video = the future of business

I saw the video below today thanks to Chris Brogan. Click here if you can’t view.

SOUR ‘日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)’

At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss this as another example of the young people of today wasting time online. And perhaps there’s truth to that too. The video doesn’t actually DO anything, right? It’s not selling anything or espousing a message, nor making money directly or indirectly. But I see the future of business.

A future that must have vision, technology and expression.

This video represents the willing and joyful participation of people all over the world. People engaged in the experience of collaborating to make something bigger than themselves. Something that couldn’t happen without the technology and the participation. Participation that allowed them to be fully themselves while contributing to the whole.

And the result is a powerful video. And Linux. Firefox. The Ap store.

And the future of business.


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2 Responses

  1. Joey says:

    Interesting perspective on the power of technology within a worldwide context. I was recently reminded at the CCOP conference this last week to the potential available for technology with broadband. My wife was able to “virtually attend” the same conference with stunning clarity via the internet. Nothing compares to actually being there, but the ability to become involved remotely is huge.

    • stevegrossman says:

      Thanks for the input Joey, sounds like CCOP had the right stuff on their end to make it all work too. Good for them.

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