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Questions + Seth Godin = WOW!

I’m posting a link to this Untemplater video interview of Seth Godin on all my blogs today for two reasons.

1.) It’s brilliant and I’m not exaggerating. If you are wondering what’s going on the world today – financially, socially, etc., etc., – this interview covers most all of it thoroughly and insight-FULLY in ways you will not find anywhere else. Not only does Seth see the big pictures, but he puts them in dead-simple terms that will impact your life. At least I hope they will. Two quotes:
– “The future will not be like the past only shinier”
– The current economic template “was invented by people who owned factories”

I cannot oversell the importance of watching this video and paying attention to what’s said.

2.) From a web interconnected, new business model perspective – which is largely what this blog is about – relevant information does not come better than this.



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