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People + Questions = Social Media

Despite their status as a pseudo-competitor to my sister company (how’s that for an opening line?), I have to hand it to for a new feature that perfectly explains “Social Media” and why most explanations are wrong. reports that “ rolled out a new sharing tool that basically can
push out potential vehicle selections through Facebook and Twitter.”

“”Before making a purchase, car buyers often turn to the people they
trust most to help them with this important decision. We wanted to make
it easy for shoppers to share cars of interest with their friends and
family,” explained Bill Swislow,’s senior vice president of

Why the “perfectly explains” comment? Because there’s no mystery to social media – it is and will ALWAYS be people interacting. Anything that encourages or empowers interaction will succeed and the opposite is true as well.  In this case there are people who want help to turn to their friends for help with the important question of “should I buy this car?” Nothing new about that.


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