Steve Grossman


Information in the information age


We’re in the middle of the biggest global revolution since the dawn of the industrial age. It’s a flat, interconnected, wired and rapidly changing world. If you’re intrigued, confused or downright scared about the information age and what it means to you, join me here.

I’m an almost 47 year old Baby Boomer, former musician, parent and businessman offering a unique perspective on our world. I’m supposed to be too old to care, but I’m not. I’m supposed to not understand, but I do.

So join me here to learn about social networking, web 2.0, free sourcing, open sourcing, wikis, blogs, micro blogging and anything else online. More importantly, learn what’s important and what’s a fad, what you should do and what you should avoid, and learn how to position yourself and your business for the world of tomorrow.

Because the time to understand is now.

Learn more about me here and please let me know your thoughts or questions in comments or by e-mail.


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