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Blog Action Day + Climate Change = No Worries

Today I am writing in tandum with thousands of bloggers around the world taking part in blogactionday, an annual event powered by I don’t agree with everything they do, but like the opportunity to discuss this years topic, Climate Change, and why I’m not worried about it.

I’m not worried about Climate Change because people smarter than I are inventing things like these:

– Vehicles: Suzuki, for example, will preview three fuel cell concepts at the upcoming 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. The vehicles themselves are interesting, but the neatest thing is they each represent a different technology. There’s a plug-in electric car with a small generator motor for longer distances. A hydrogen fuel cell powered scooter and a sort of wheelchair like “personal mobility vehicle” that uses replaceable methanol fuel cell cartridges.

Yeah, I know we’re a ways away from sustainable alternatives to gas engines, but they’re coming.

– In the mean time, there are companies like Zipcar and, two companies in the growing short term rental industry. I’m particularly impressed with Gettaround because it seeks to repurpose existing vehicles that would normally sit dormant during the day (meaning it facilitates the short term rental of YOUR car. And yes, you share in the revenue).

– On a completely different note, Slate brings our attention to garbage in the form of the BigBelly solar-powered trash compactor. It runs off the sun, provides a 5-to-1 reduction in volume which translates to less frequent pickups – saving fuel and labor costs in the process. And oh yeah, it can send a txt message when full, eliminating wasted trips.

And finally, my favorite:

– London’s Club4Climate disco features an electricity generating dance floor. And while the linked article only talks about the club, other places under consideration for the technology include airports and malls.

So I’m not worried because people much smarter than I are figuring out how to make zero-emission, zero fuel vehicles that will get us to malls, offices, schools and airports powered by our foot traffic.

What a wonderful world it will be.


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A Foundational Post

I launched this blog about a month ago and have posted random thoughts since then. I’ve also tried different themes, configured twitter to auto-post here (and vice-versa) and thought about writing a foundational post about why I launched this blog.

It’s time to write that post:

First, I am fascinated and dissatisfied with the web. Fascinated because it is the outward and interactive manifestation of the greatest global transformation of the last 400 years: the birth of the Information Age.  Dissatisfied because I can’t wait for it to get where it’s going.

And I have ideas about that.

Second, I am fascinated with business models and in light of this global transformation fully expect them to change dramatically too.

And I have ideas about that.

Third, I am immersed in the world of Social Networking or Social Media. I have multiple blogs, web pages, wiki’s, RSS feeds, integrated services and assorted other freely available web 2.0 tools. And all of them are pieces in an as yet unfinished web that I call online me.

And what’s unique about that?

Nothing except for the fact that I’m not a Gen-Y’er, I’m a 47 year old husband/dad/businessman/boomer. And that gives me a unique perspective on all the above.

And so I have hopes for this blog. Hopes that I can have an outlet for my ideas, concepts, observations and thoughts on the Internet, business and life at the dawn of the Information Age. And hopes that I can help other non-Gen-Y folks grasp the significant and life changing opportunities that are all around us.

And so I offer a blog about ideas, concepts, observations and thoughts on the Internet, business and life at the dawn of the Information Age.

It’s time to get excited.

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Smart Roads and Bridges

Michael Totty, of The Wall Street Journal brings an extensive article on the benefits of using smart technologies when building infrastructure.

As he says:

“It’s time the U.S. got a lot smarter.

“Federal, state and local governments are about to pour tens of billions of dollars into the nation’s infrastructure. The big question: Will we simply spend the money the way we’ve been doing for decades — on more concrete and steel? Or will we use it to make our roads, bridges and other assets much more intelligent?”

It’s facinating stuff available today.

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